Foot Worship

 I went to an event in Toronto for female dominants and submissive admirers, where I met a foot fetishist. He seemed sweet, so I asked him what did it for him. As he explained, he showed me photos of young women’s feet, painted nails, smooth skin, straight toes. He said it was all in the presentation. The polish mustn’t be chipped. He said individuals each have their thing, but from his point of view it is the arch of the foot, the straight line of toes (especially the two next to the big one), the space between them, are only the beginning of it. He told me that having access to this place in the body, where all nerves end, is the biggest thrill. Knowing that he can give pleasure by touching the lowest place on a woman makes him feel…useful.

I pressed one foot against his chest and the other hard against his crotch. He looked at me nervously since we were only at a drinks social, but this was too intriguing to pay attention to flimsy formalities. I let him massage each of my feet slowly, smell them through my stockings, kiss the warm flesh. It was sensual and pure and I felt luxurious and relaxed. I deserved some quality pampering that night after walking around the city in high heels all day. It’s a beautiful thing to feel a fetish blossoming in the moment.

I saw a friend the week after and told him about my experience. When we got more comfortable, he took my foot in his mouth and swallowed it down to below the second joint of my big toe. This was very erotic for me, a genderfuck moment. Never before had anyone deepthroated any part of me, unless you count dildos. As a reward I gave him a little slap on the face with my foot, rubbing it up his nose so he looked like the piggie he knew he was.

I think it all begins with a well-heeled shoe. I’m a fan of shiny or soft firm leather, since they catch the light so nicely and are so rewarding to lick and polish. The heel should be high enough to accentuate my natural arch and still feel good to walk down city streets in. I like my shoes to be admired, caressed, kissed, and ultimately removed. This part is not to be rushed. The foot will still be there no matter how long you pay attention to my shoes and stockings, so take a little time to please me here. Remove my shoe slowly, with both hands, because you are undressing your Queen. My Toronto dungeon has many a chaise lounge for me to recline upon, several small hard stools for you to perch on.  Foot worship is becoming a favourite fetish of mine, because it is primarily for my sensual pleasure. Your gratification is hardly my concern. You are here to please me. Remember that while you are down there touching up my pedicure.