Doctor! Doctor! Medical Fetish

I am your doctor, white coat, snap on the latex gloves, kind eyes and a sweet smile. this won’t hurt but it may be embarrassing. Just kneel up here and pull your trousers down behind the sheet. Try to relax, patient, you may feel a little pressure on your spot there. It says here on your report that you’ve just had a rather large enema, with lube and cold water. Very brave. Well I can assure you that none of this will be such an ordeal as that.

This is a small tube, and it’s going to inflate just a bit so you’ll feet a bit more pressure inside. What I’m looking for is any sign of malfunction, and so train your body to respond to certain stimuli. It begins with holding cold objects of increasing size inside the anal canal to minimize swelling and pain. Please, patient, keep your voice down while we go through this procedure, as there are other patients being seen in the surrounding rooms. Now if you continue to moan like that I will have to take this further to isolate the disruption. Very well. This mouth harness has a firm, hollow silicone sphere that fits between your teeth. I will put a pan on the floor so that your drool doesn’t make a mess. There there now, this won’t take long.

Just a little push and there…ahh. Very good. You’ve taken a very big plug, I do hope you can feel that stretch. Sorry patient, I can’t understand a word you’re saying with your mouth forced open like that. I suppose since I’ve got you here, and you being tied down and gagged and all, I can do what I like with you. I do have some experiments in mind, and your body is the perfect specimen. By my measurements your heart is at an elevated pace so do try to calm down and breathe normally.

If your other holes are stretched, why not go for the third? Yes, I’m looking at your dick, lying there like a frightened vole. It should be strong, proud, and upright. Easily fixed. All it takes is a little patience, a little lube, and this set of stainless steel sounds. The first couple slip down the middle of your shaft so easily, like your hole was built for taking these rods. The next one goes slower, no forcing here, just a gradual widening of your urethra. It’s strange, but it feels good to conquer this place in your body, take control of everything you feel. There we are, see? Held up with the sounding rod you’re perking up much more. Let me smooth that out for you just a touch.

What’s that? Alright, I will interpret your wordless grunts to mean that you are thirsty. Well timed, as I’m simply bursting to pee, and how could I let all of that golden nectar go to waste? One gag replaces another, this one is a tube connected to a funnel. I will tilt your head in a way so that you can get a nice long drink without wasting any. I’m standing above you so that gravity can do its job, of course. This piss is so good for you, it’s packed with nutrients. Guzzle down my golden showers, patient, and you’ll be right as rain. Don’t spill a single drop or else I’ll have to put in a bigger butt plug and I won’t be so gentle this time. I love the idea that my hot sweet golden is boiling around in your belly. I can be nurturing, by all means. I will clean your face up with a soft, sterile cloth. It’s so nice to be completely clean, isn’t it?

Stocking Fetish

Puling on a pair of nylons is my favourite start to a working day. I fasten them with garter clips, and they show through my tight pencil skirt small, hard and telling. If you know what to look for. The tops of the stockings with the line of the garter belt frames my figure perfectly, and with a pair of leather high heels I leave my house feeling rather pleased and powerful. The lines of the backseams disappear under my clothes, sparking the imagination of commuters on the TTC. Dainty patterned fishnets to thick woolen argyles, I’ll take all colours, patterns  and thicknesses.

Seeing tights on other people makes me want to tear holes in the thin fabric like unwrapping a gift. Seeing a woman revealing the lacy top of a stay-up from the slit in a dress is a pure thrill. Spying the telltale toe seam of a pair of pantyhose underneath a man’s jeans is almost a direct invitation to drag him into a dark corner and tear holes in them so I can see what he’s up to under there.

I like it when my sub sucks my stocking-clad toes after I’ve had a hard day strutting around town squeezed into high heels. I like to smother her with my dirty feet, let her inhale the sweet sharpness of me. When I’m done with her worshipping my feet, I might allow her to sniff between my legs, but only if she’s very very good. When I wear pantyhose, things do get rather warm and damp in there, so a nice silky nylon face-sitting or covered queening is the sub’s reward for good behaviour.

If the gentleman is inclined to pull on a pair of pantyhose, it is my pleasure to train him how to to be a proper sissy slut. I give lessons on posture, gesture, and movement. I coach on cock sucking whilst he is crossdressing in stockings and a garter belt, looking up at me so sweetly as he deepthroats my dildo. If he doesn’t do it well enough, he is likely to be punished in a forced bi session with a well-hung Dom friend of mine. He will love the look of that sissified frill-framed arse and those sissification stockings.

Slaves, if you wish to praise my beauty and power, gift me with nylons, shower me with silk. It’s tights I love.