Ballad of the Sissy Slut

I found a sissy by surprise

Trying on my best thigh highs

“You thieving bitch!” I said to him,

“Get on the floor. Obey my whims.”

So he did, his satin creased

I perked his bum up, hot and greased

I laughed to see his clit a-throbbing

Dribbling juice, the tip a-bobbing

“What a nasty slut you are

But just obey and you’ll go far.”

Cue the music, hit the lights

Disgusting fun all day all night

Rope and sounding, CBT

Ball gags, clamps, tongue on my feet

My needs first, never yours

The thief found snooping through my drawers

Silky sissy frilly slut

Clips and zips, all buttoned up

And your butt your butt your butt your butt

Dressed like that you’re going to get what…you deserve

When I’m through, and you are too,

Have an oily rag to wipe up your goo

Stumble out of my house to the harsh daylight

Panties in pocket, feeling tight

People point and laugh and stare

They know about your underwear

Wobble home on shoes too high

Lube still dribbles down your thigh

Dirty, greedy, hungry frill

You’ll be back – you know you will.


The Ultimate Sissy Slut Training: Part 4 of 4

The fourth and final installment of this sweet and slutty girl’s transformation is here. I am thrilled with the positive feedback I’ve had from posting this story up, and I welcome comissions from any of you filthy-minded readers who have fantasies they want brought to life in technicolour.

When we left off last time, Alice had been trussed up in frills and splattered with make up. A little hole training got her prepped for what awaits behind the big dark door.


Your eyes can’t adjust to the darkness in the room, you can really feel your new body pressed against your new clothes. There is movement around you, a shifting of air in the undefined space. You’re not sure why you’re breathing hard; it must be because you trust that I have a very special treat in store for you. You feel my gloved hand around your slim girly wrist, tugging you further into the room. Yes there is definitely a sense of presence here, that intuition that somebody is behind you, and maybe even either side of you. The subtle noises of shifting, breathing, flexing.

Little one, you don’t know what you’re in for.

I grip your wrists behind you and pull you down, with a knee in your back. All the way down, Alice, right onto the floor. Can you smell the soap on the tiles? They’ve been well used, for unsuspecting victims such as yourself. We take hygiene very seriously, so we must wash everything thoroughly when our games are done. My knee crunches down on your spine, and you twist away. You’re not used to your body yet though, those huge boobs bouncing all over the place, your slim thighs much weaker than they used to be. And being trapped in latex doesn’t make movement very natural in any case. You can’t escape. Your senses are on red alert but the best you can do is squirm about uselessly under my weight.

Pressure on your neck. Pressure on your arse. There are hands and feet and knees pushing down on you from everywhere. The air is close. Unseen hands grope and probe you, take liberties with your flesh. Long fingernails graze your breasts, pinching the nipples hard. You go to cry out, but when you open your mouth it’s filled with something hard – yet giving – and warm. Someone’s cock is in your mouth. Yes darling, the moment you’ve feared and dreamed of, being stuffed with a thick dick, is finally here. “Suck,” I breathe into your ear.

You obey like the good whore I’d hoped you really were. You guzzle it down, and it quickly passes the tight part of your throat. A sissy little reflexive gag, that’s good, extra lube for that powerful cock sliding down your throat. You take it like it’s your favourite treat, trying to gulp as much of the meat into your drooling, greedy gob as you can handle. The sounds you’re making make it clear that he is not being gentle with you, fucking your head, using your hole for his sadistic pleasure. He grows harder and harder inside of you, his thrusting more urgent. You can hear him breathing heavily, pulling your hair like he’s on a pony ride. Three hard pushes and he blows, filling your mouth with the bitter salt boy taste. When it hits the back of your passage you choke a tiny bit and dribble the cum onto your knees. So sweet. Good girl. He wipes his softening dick on your cheek as a token of approval.

We need to save your energy for what is to come. A dozen pairs of hands take a hold of a piece of you and lift you up into the air. Rope snakes across your limbs, over your breasts, between your legs, friction burns on your lovely new flesh. The rope bites tightly, and the hands are harsh. Some slap you, scratch you, pinch you unkindly. Your limbs bend at strange angles, leaving your exposed in a predicament. You are off the ground and you spin freely through the air, prodded and pushed around. You are a piece of meat, dangling. Your arse is out, perched up so everyone can get to it, stuff it with fingers, fists, dildos, and incredible cocks. My army of gang bangers is a sight to be seen, if only you could. Highly trained for endurance and wicked creativity, and most importantly, no mercy.

This is why you came here, isn’t it? To get fucked until you pass out? Until you die? They don’t report the stories of the people who get gangbanged to death.

Lube drizzles down your crack. It’s cold and slippery, and you know just what it’s for. It’s a kindness bestowed upon you, because we are used to using spit as lube on our victims. It feels like there’s a pint of lube being dumped into your asshole, filling you up with all that slippery goodness. We want a nice slick hole to pry open, and we’re going to try a new game. We want to see how many people can put things in you at once. So here we go. Just remember to breathe, Alice, we don’t want you passing out when the first fist or two force into you.

A little finger wiggles in, gently, like a friendly caterpillar. It’s warm and wet inside your hole, the perfect climate for stretching. Another finger, someone else’s. Another, and then a few more, and that makes six or seven. Pulling at you from all sides so that your hole is nice and wide, and in slides the vibrator. Feels good humming in you, buzzing against your flesh. It’s so lovely to feel you relax into the sensation, give in to it. More lube, always more. There’s a tank of it in the back, so we won’t be running out of it soon. Another vibrator, so that’s two toys and a whole lot of fingers, all exploring, widening, deepening you. Your cock is drooling, pressing up against your little panties. Another dildo fits in easily. You are so wet. You buck and writhe in the rope bondage, moaning. You want that fist, it’s obvious. Let’s get all of those things out of you, make room for the big one. Vibrators fall to the floor, fingers pop out, and you hear the snapping of surgical gloves.

Three fingers slide in effortlessly, then a fourth joins, and you’re being fucked slowly with four fingers. You feel the thumb slip in, oh that makes a difference, feel that hand making circles, going in deeper with each sensual twist. There is a sucking sound as your arse engulfs the hand up to the wrist, and it can plunge in and out at leisure. Surely this is by far the largest thing you’ve had inside of you. This is your life now, Alice, a busy schedule of fucking and fisting.

You feel a second hand creeping in to join the other in a position of prayer, palms together, forcing into your gaping asshole. Gasping, squelching, impossible. Your body convulses and spasms as the invasive hands push and pull inside you, thrusting deeper and harder every time. You are crying out in pain and pleasure, a confused and potent cocktail of chemicals turning your brain to mush. It feels like it’s never going to end, then the fists finally slow and then stop. Slowly, you feel them slip out slowly like a never-ending dick, and when the last pinky has removed itself, you are lowered back onto the floor, deflated, sweat-drenched, used. The cool, clean tiles are a relief for your hot flesh. The ropes unravel and you fold into a fetal position. The warm-up is complete.

A familiar hard warmth nudges your lips, and you reflexively open. A slim strap-on, almost comforting, explores your abused mouth. Hands push your huge firm breasts together, squeezing, oiling them up, pushing them together to form a valley to be fucked. Every fold and hole in your body belongs to my army of cocks and dildos. We have not forgotten your freshly prepared asshole. You feel pressure at the entrance, like the two fists are finding their way back in. Firm, rough hands pick up your slim girlish legs and the thickest dick you’ve ever taken forces its way inside you. Your left hand holds a cock and your right is working on my pussy, sliding in and out of my wetness. Your mouth, your tits, both hands, and your asshole, all filled, airtight. The smell of sweat and cum is heavy in the air, the sound of sliding slapping flesh, hot panting breath, grunts, moans, and your gagged cries.

Cum on your belly, then suddenly on your chin, followed quickly by a huge squirt of jizz down your throat, which you can barely choke down in time. There is so much that it spills out of your mouth, trickling down into your hair. The giant in your arse lifts you up, holding your body up off the ground, slam fucking you without mercy. You are the fuckdoll. Cum lands on you from all directions – orgasms in the dark. The monster dick in your backdoor is getting harder and is moving faster, other people’s cum acting as lube. He gives a shuddering roar and explodes his load inside of you.

Hands everywhere. Water on your body. Soft towels, gentle touch. We scrub you down, Alice, clean you up, buff and polish that baptized flesh.

Get your dress zipped up, shoes fastened, collar secure.

A small door opens up, the daylight absolutely blinding. Somebody slides something small and papery into your bra, and you are pushed out into the big bright world.

The Ultimate Sissy Slut Training: Part 3 of 4

This is a fantasy of a man undergoing complete physical transformation, dressing up, and slut training. You go on a journey where you take cock, eat cum, and get double fisted. Enjoy.

Part 2 trailed off with a good dose of sweet humiliation and invasive, penetrating surgery to transform you into what the slut always craved to be.


The sweat is trickling down your body, the closeness of rubber and the anticipation of a good fucking are a heady cocktail. I peel the latex up so that your bottom is fully exposed, the little slit in your panties winking up at me, inviting my fingers to come have a dip. You’re a tempting lay, and if I didn’t have higher standards I would gladly plunge into you until you engulfed my hand up past the wrist. I must stay on track with the task at hand. You might look pretty but you’re far off from convincing anyone. So with a light smack on your bum, I cover you up again with your itty bitty dress.

Crawl to me, wiggle those hips when you move towards the makeup chair, give me your best kitty cat impression. You are here for my amusement, let’s not forget. Every move you make is to please Me. you are my little doll; your tits, your arse, your mouth, everything you are belongs to me. Make me proud, slut.

You clamber up onto the chair and allow me to fasten your wrists, ankles, and neck into place with leather restraints. You seem to think that if you go with the flow of my games, I will be easy on you later. Not likely. You are strapped firmly into the chair, and I bend down and open up a little hatch in the seat, positioned exactly where your asshole is. Your dress has pulled up since you’re sitting down, and that gap in your panties gives me perfect access to your little hole. I graze it lightly with my fingernail and you sigh, and the muscle twitches.

I consider my options. The lube is in the next room, and I want to fill you up now, not later. I stand up to face you. “Open that mouth,” I snap, “open up that wet gob.” I push my fingers past your lips and slide over your tongue, getting them good and soaked with your spit. You suck them greedily, desperately, like they are your boyfriend’s cock when he knows you’ve been out getting fucked by anyone with half a hard on and you want to stay in his good books. Silly whore. I slap your face hard and smear your own saliva over your face. I lift your face up delicately, and then spit forcefully in your open mouth. It dribbles down your chin. No fun in making you pretty if I can’t mess you up a little first.

In a drawer at the dresser there is a neat row of silicone buttplugs, lovingly arranged in size. I hover over them, deciding whether I want to give you an easy start or a painful challenge. I end up in the middle, picking out a plug with a very flared base that narrows sharply at the end. Perfect for holding it in place.

“Open that slut hole again. This can’t very well go in dry, can it?”

“uh-uh” you say, because that’s all you can manage with your mouth hanging open like that.

I push it into your mouth, gagging you with the size and girth of the rubber plug. Good pig, take it all. Get it dripping wet for me, get all that spit all over it. I pop it out again, and it’s shining, lubed up for your hole. You are panting with exertion, excitement, and embarrassment. I crouch down to the gap in the chair, and carefully nudge the nose into your brown flower. it gives easily. “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” I muse, pushing the plug further into your ass, which is expanding with impressive speed.

“Mistress, I did some exercises before…” you pause to moan as your ass engulfs the entire toy, and it closes in on the tight end, “before I came to see You.”

“What a diligent slut you are, getting all primped and fluffed for me.” I give the plug another little push, just to hear you squeal.

Now you really are ready. I swivel your chair round to the makeup mirror, and place a metal restraint pad on each side of your head, so you won’t move in any irritating ways. Perfect, and still.

First, moisturizer, to keep you young darling. Then I brush an even layer of foundation over your whole face to even you out, because nobody’s perfect. Some natural toned eyeshadow for those peepers, contoured and shaded with my soft brushes, and a line of luscious false lashes to really make everything pop. Let’s get those new lips lined with a deep pink liner, and fill it in with a silky lipstick, and go over with a high-shine gloss. A little blush, a dash of bronzer, and a dusting of translucent powder over everything to set the look. You’re gorgeous and nearly ready to fuck.

But something is still odd, apart from your twitching, dribbling cock. Ah yes, the hair. The dyke look really doesn’t suit you, sweetheart. What shall we make you? A raven-haired beauty? A fiery redhead? A cheeky brunette? A fun blonde? Or something wild and punked out? I think I’m in the mood for a blonde to push around. Now the cut is important, because it’s got to flatter your jaw line and make you as passable as possible, despite your recent surgery. I scan the shelf above the mirror, and my eye lands on a mid length piece with soft curls and a sideswept fringe.

As I place this wig on you, Alice comes to life in front of my eyes. You smile shyly as I arrange the curls on your shoulders, a lock straying over your breast.

Tiny diamond studs in your ears, little stars for my beauty.

Restraints and cuffs come off, and it’s time for your debut. Can you walk nicely with that plug between your rosy cheeks? Hmm, a little awkward but you will receive the finest and strictest training from me. The mirror shows you your new, completely transformed self. You touch yourself in awe, your lovely body and perfect face.

“Come on Miss Alice, I’d like to show you off now.”

We walk out of the transformation chamber, down a narrow hall, and through a large heavy door, and into complete darkness.