Explaining My Harvest and Extraction Scene

Many of you have contacted me asking what my seed harvest session is. You just don’t get subtlety, do you.

Scenario 1: I am a sadistic villianess, the power-mad keeper of the key to your cage. You are bound and hooked up to my ingenious machine, and you are helpless against my milking machines. I taunt you as the rope bonds grows tighter, as the sensations intensify till you feel like you will burst…

Test alpha and you will be an exalted slave in my ranks. Test beta and I will still find a job for you, perhaps cleaning grime off my stiletto.

pour_girl (1).jpg


Scenario 2: I am in the bath, waiting to be cleaned and pampered by my servant. I am to be treated as a Goddess, pure yet decadent. You ache in chastity as you lather up and polish my body. I may humiliate you further by dressing you in slutty silky frills and laugh as you fumble for your clit, desperate to impress.



The theme has room to include bondage, CBT, punishment enema and sissification, catheter play, and so on. Essentially, it’s about edging. This is done with prostate massage, JOI, and/or a machine. As to whether or not there is a release, that depends on how sweet and compliant you are with my evil plan. The gooey result is then recycled into you through any of your holes, or turned into a frozen popsicle for the next victim.

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July Schedule

leathercageOh summer is upon us in all its sweaty burning muggy glory. I don’t produce a lot of melanin but I can’t resist a skimpy frock, so I require a parasol holder as well as a bag bitch on my outings this season.

Really I like to be in the dungeon where it’s dark and cool. There I can lace you up in the leather body cage and hook it to the suspension bar, hang you up and leave you tight and dangling while I taunt and tease you.

Late in the dark I have you strapped into whatever contraption I feel you need – hanging upside down by your ankles so I can use your head for my amusement, or hooked up to a fluid extraction and recycling machine so that none of your liquids are put to waste. When was the last time your body was reduced to a simple system of passages? I am a meticulous experimenter and I have the tools to remodel you.

I am in Toronto this month. My availability is 5-11pm on the following dates.




25th-28th (10am-11pm)

As always my pets, you have a much better chance of spending time at my feet when you enquire at least a day ahead, because I’m often booked up. I am taking deposits for all new slaves who can’t give references, even if you request an in-person consultation. And we both know that pleasing me every step of the way is a truly rewarding investment.


My bathtub should be filled to the brim. Can you be of any use at all?