It’s Called Play, After All.

How does it feel to be afraid and laughing? That’s what games do, put you in predicament, whether you win or lose you’re going to get some kind of punishment. The decision is left to the roll of the dice, the drawing of cards, or your guess at a right answer. You get points and marks, gold stars and rewards that lube up the pleasure centres in your brain. This hinges on the anticipation of an unknown fear, not knowing whether your next move will result in a beating, a smothering, a humiliating regimine of being dressed up and violated, or experimented on. Bizarre challenges where the smallest mistake results in a clamp being flicked off with my finger. Deliberately confusing, gaslighting, contradicting, disorientating you till you snap, lose your mind in the mess of it all. Fun with an edge. The sharp sound of your powerless defeat. My parlour games are top notch.