An Ode to Bottoms

As I slowly slipped my hand out of him, it hit me what a charmed life I lead. I examined my latex glove, pulled up past the elbow. Clean as a whistle. Lucky he’d had such a thorough enema, I think I filled him with over 1.5 litres of water. He wasn’t thrilled with that, but the end results were very pleasing. After he took my fist, he pleaded to have something fill him to keep him open.  It’s not often I can bring out the serious toys, the heavies. I strapped one on and used both hands to lift it up and into his willing ass. I fucked him, his ankles hooked around my back.

People come to me with a desire to be opened up, a craving to be stretched and taken. If you are open to feeling a little objectified, we will have a magnificent time. The bratty ones get cuffed to the bed post/floor ring/spanking bench/head teachers desk so you are forced to take whatever I give them. Actually, even if you are nice as pie I will tie you down and make you mine anyway.

I love bottoms in a very pure way. I like all the different shapes they come in, their varying jiggle frequencies, and their capability of taking and quickly healing from severe beatings. To be clear about the range of my beatings, know this. I get off on my sub’s enjoyment. If pain is not what you enjoy, I can still give you a beating with no pain involved. I am interested in administering sensation, not just how purple I can make your behind. This is the distinction between “thuddy” and “stingy”; the thud is a deep bone and muscle feeling that reverberates through your whole body, and the sting is felt more in the flesh. You can feel both from a bare-handed spanking, a flogging, and even a caning. Whatever makes you ecstatic.