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Winter is the perfect time for reflection and to build on close relationships. It’s when we can be most creative and submerge into projects that need a lot of dreaming put into them. We also need to keep warm with lots of spanking, enemas, and figging.

This week, I’m most excited about wearing my leather boots while strapping subs down to the experiment table, snapping on the surgical gloves and getting right to the bottom of The Issue.

I’m always game for a round of Force the Sissy, where bountiful frills are locked in place with zips, buckles, and tight lacing. Because we can’t have you escaping, can we.


Thursday 2pm-7pm

Friday 10am-7pm

Saturday 10am-10pm

Book time with me this week. Email mistressisobelhart@gmail.com to set an appointment without delay.




July Schedule

leathercageOh summer is upon us in all its sweaty burning muggy glory. I don’t produce a lot of melanin but I can’t resist a skimpy frock, so I require a parasol holder as well as a bag bitch on my outings this season.

Really I like to be in the dungeon where it’s dark and cool. There I can lace you up in the leather body cage and hook it to the suspension bar, hang you up and leave you tight and dangling while I taunt and tease you.

Late in the dark I have you strapped into whatever contraption I feel you need – hanging upside down by your ankles so I can use your head for my amusement, or hooked up to a fluid extraction and recycling machine so that none of your liquids are put to waste. When was the last time your body was reduced to a simple system of passages? I am a meticulous experimenter and I have the tools to remodel you.

I am in Toronto this month. My availability is 5-11pm on the following dates.




25th-28th (10am-11pm)

As always my pets, you have a much better chance of spending time at my feet when you enquire at least a day ahead, because I’m often booked up. I am taking deposits for all new slaves who can’t give references, even if you request an in-person consultation. And we both know that pleasing me every step of the way is a truly rewarding investment.





Boot Worship

Oh my lucky boots! I put them on when I go walking downtown, and all the city boys drool. They should be using their tongues to polish my leather.

Spit shine, boot blacking, trampling, sniffing, I love everything to do with boot, shoe, and foot worship.

One of the best scenes I had was a full afternoon dragging a poor soul around the dungeon. Close to the end we were both sweating and happily exhausted. I sat on a comfortable chair and he took out his boot blacking kit, and cleaned the grime off of every inch of my shoes. He massaged my legs through the leather, which felt amazing and luxurious. But he leaned down to kiss my toe without permission, which earned him a kick in the chest. When you have a job to do, you must stay focussed and not allow selfish desire to fog your purpose, which is to serve. To clean, to polish, and serve.

Sometimes I will walk through mud and city filth on purpose so that a witless slave has to scrape off the crud with his mouth. What disgusting things has he done in his life to know that he deserves to eat dirt? Or maybe he’s just a compulsive grit licker.

I love to drag the stiletto heel over my slave’s back and give him lovely marks and stomp marks. I love to kick him around, handle him like meat. I am happiest when I am standing on his chest, peering down at him all the way down there.

Why? I like it because I like the feeling of being touched through leather. I like the idea of remaining inaccessible and still able to receive pleasure. I enjoy being tall and strong, towering over a helpless slave. For the sub, I can imagine, and have been told, that it gives a feeling of smallness, being in the presence of power, and given permission to touch only the lowest part of Me, the part I don’t give any thought to but allow them to worship. So they want to do the best they can with what they have, make me proud of them. Being squished under a beautiful shoe can be a freeing experience, complete submission of the flesh.