Sissy Saline Inflation

The team of specialists have decided that it is time.

The shiver of steel sliding under you skin, the sting of the drip flowing into you, a slow but steady rise, the body blooms under my control. The maze of tubes, bags, and drips, the clinical precision I take when administering a true transformation, the antiseptic smell, it overwhelms your senses and you know that in this moment, bound to this chair, there is nothing you can do but accept the changes you have been deemed fit to undergo.

You stay put, and I’ll take care of everything. Clothes help structure, cinch, and shape you into a pleasing form. Paint, powder and a wig change the contours of your face. High shoes help you sit elegantly. The bondage is necessary to stop you squirming, as movement hinders progress as it were.

The salt water stings a little as I massage it to form the ideal shape, a reminder that something remarkable is happening. You can’t escape it. Look down. Your breasts are filling out that bra you always kept in your drawer. There is a true sissy in the mirror.

I am trained to administer saline inflation to the chest and scrotum. Marks are minimal, and there is a tiny amount of fluid seepage after the procedure, which is generally caught by the small round bandage that covers the incision mark. All equipment is single use and sterile. After the procedure, reabsorption takes a couple of hours after the tourniquet is removed depending on your hydration level, and is body safe.

Sessions involving saline infusion must be booked at least 1 week in advance, with a small deposit for materials, and for returning patients only. Minimum length for a saline session is 2 hours. Ensure that you are well-rested, hydrated, and nourished before your saline inflation transformation.

This scene was realized with my sadistic sister, Ms Violet Mays.

The Ultimate Sissy Slut Training: Part 1 of 4

This is a fantasy of a male with a shamefully tiny penis undergoing complete physical transformation, dressing up, and slut training. You go on a journey where you take cock, eat cum, and get double fisted. Enjoy.


You show up at my door in your boy clothes – a fitted t-shirt and little shorts, socks pulled up and gym shoes tied tight. Before I even let you in I can see the girl in you kicking the walls and moaning to be let out. I have to smirk at what a little show-off you are.

We sit down across from each other in my boudoir for a spot of tea, delicate china cups meeting our lips and teeth, a shortbread crumb on the corner of your mouth. Doilies muffle the sound of you shifting awkwardly in a velvet chair.

We are chatting quietly about the weather, city politics, the sumptuous decor of my room, and then I lean in and say, “we both know why you’re here, don’t we, slut.” You are caught off guard by this sudden change and something jumps in your tiny shorts – is it a mouse? “Put that cup down, you’ve guzzled enough of my tea for now.” I come round to your side and hoist you up by your arm, then I yank down your small excuse for shorts to reveal a pitiful hard-on, like a frightened mole rat trying to burrow back into its dark hole, ashamed of its measly size.

You are breathing heavy and whimpering, humiliated but feeling oddly hot from having your deformity on display.

You’ve always been shy about your micropenis, ever since you tried to lose your virginity at your first job out of college.


After months of trying to catch the eye of the tall redhead in PR, across the hall from your spot in the data entry room, she finally walked over to your desk. “I need this stack of papers photocopied, I’m on a deadline. You can help me, can’t you?” Without waiting for an answer She turned on her heel and walked down the hall towards the photocopy room, leaving you to haul the huge load of paperwork.

By the time you arrived she was in the small dark room, leaning up against the machine. You didn’t know what to do or say or think so you got to work with the copying, sneaking a glance up at her to see a wicked gleam in her eye. She lifted up her thin dress to reveal her bare flesh, no panties, just a pair of stay-up stockings. You froze, having never been close to a real woman in your life. She moved towards you and snaked a leg around your hips, and that thing in your trousers shifted a fraction of a centimetre. She put her lips to your ear and whispered, “you want to fuck me, don’t you. I know you watch me…” She took your hand and placed it between her thighs, rubbing her soft pussy up against your fingers. It was dripping wet, you hadn’t known that she was so excited.

Your cock rose another tiny inch, trying to get hard. Her body was wrapping around yours, enveloping you, asking you for one thing. This goddess knew what she wanted. Sticking her arse out, she braced herself against the copy machine, still noisily churning out papers in the dark. The scanner light swept across her body, outlining her perfect shape, her exposed hole, showing him how ready she was. “Come on, boy, fuck me,” she growled. Your stubby prick was almost hard enough, but her legs were too long for you to get anywhere near her slit. She manouvered herself down a little, to give you some leverage. Finally you could enter her, and you greedily bucked your hips against her. “Is it in?” She panted, sounding frustrated. You didn’t know how to answer, you didn’t know what it should feel like. Looking down, you realized the problem. You were as close to her as you could possibly get, but your pleading erection wasn’t big enough. Frozen with shame, you knew that you could never be useful with your dick.

She stood up straight and let her skirt drop back to cover her again. You had failed at a chance with the most beautiful woman in the office, all because you couldn’t get it in. A trickle of wetness was running down her leg as she shoved past you, unsatisfied.

As you finished off the photocopies, staring down at your dry twig, you considered your bleak future. What place would you have in the world with such a piddly dick? So you called me, and I agreed to set you straight.


And here you are now, exposed, ready for me to defile your holes. It’s the least you can offer, and it’s the only thing you’ve got.

How’s it going to feel to be decked out in frills, pushed over onto the makeup counter and fucked?


Preview of part 2: After what seems like a flash, the whole ordeal is over, and you are left clean, polished, and absolutely feminine. Your cock still dangles between your thighs, but now those thighs are shapely, curved, dainty. Only then do you notice a pair of beautiful breasts floating on your chest, the nipples soft pink and perky. You lick your lips with lust for yourself, and find them to be plump and firm. You blink in disbelief, and your lids are heavy with long natural lashes. Looking straight ahead, a full-length mirror shows what you have become. A girl. A hot, horny slut with a cock, pure and perfect, begging to be fucked.