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Winter is the perfect time for reflection and to build on close relationships. It’s when we can be most creative and submerge into projects that need a lot of dreaming put into them. We also need to keep warm with lots of spanking, enemas, and figging.

This week, I’m most excited about wearing my leather boots while strapping subs down to the experiment table, snapping on the surgical gloves and getting right to the bottom of The Issue.

I’m always game for a round of Force the Sissy, where bountiful frills are locked in place with zips, buckles, and tight lacing. Because we can’t have you escaping, can we.


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Overload: Sensory Deprivation

Head and shoulders knees and toes knees and toes

Head and shoulders knees and toes knees and toes

And eyes and ears and mouth and nose

Head and shoulders knees and toes knees and toes!

Whether you have one, some, or all of these things, you can engage in sensory deprivation. To deprive or take away the sense of touch, sounds, sight, smell, or taste, most folks know, enhances the other senses.

When you are blindfolded you become attuned to the squeak of my rubber dress, or the oiled groan of my leather glove, or the creak of a rope knot tightening. It also allows you to drop down into the pit of fantasy, because in the dark of your imagination, your tormentor could be a mythical queen and your cage could be dangling from a treacherous cliff.

Taking away the sense of hearing is incredibly disorienting. Sound bouncing around you tells your brain about proximity of your environment. Imagine being put in the dark, and then having your ears plugged with silence or music. My touch is a total surprise, you rely on the little hairs on your skin to tell you when my warmth is close. You may cry out when I flog you, but you can only feel the vibration of your scream.

What scent triggers your desire? The sharp spice of ginger freshly peeled into a perfect plug, the acerbic medicinal smell of alcohol swabs and the unmistakable powder of surgical gloves. When all you have to go on is your nose, everything focusses on that mode of reception.

What if you were unable to touch yourself, only to be touched? Tightly bound, mummified, unable to feel where your body ends and where it begins, how can you make sense of the world? Down we go, freeing you of the confines of all that is corporal, taking you into a higher state. But only if you are really willing, and you can find trust in me. Sealed off from the rational world, you can go anywhere. I will let you hang there, making sure that your breathing holes aren’t too obstructed, keeping you focussed and present and aware of every cell.

Taste? I’ll leave that as a surprise.