Live Performance at Oasis: Sissification at CFNM

It tugs at you. You flush red when the thoughts sneak in. You walk by certain shop windows a little slower. You imagine what it would be like to be her. To feel the softness and restriction of feminine clothing, to be sensual, provocative, slutty. If only you had the permission.


TOMORROW NIGHT! Come to Oasis Aqualounge to watch Miss Violet and I perform a live sissification at the Clothed Female Nude Male event. Men and couples are $60, women are free. Tickets can be purchased at the door. The night begins at 8, and we are on stage at 1030. Enjoy the outdoor heated pool, hot tub, sauna and kinky fun. This event is great for beginners who have always wanted to know more about being a sissy. If you want to meet Miss Violet and I in a relaxed and discreet environment, this is your chance.

IV- Final5142.jpg

Yes the scene plays over in my mind too.

Being a sissy doesn’t make you a woman. It doesn’t make you a man. A sissy is just what we make her. The corset laces tight, the stockings glide over, the makeup dusts on, and finally, the wig sits snug and changes the shape of your face and décolletage. Try on the heels. They change the way you carry yourself – your legs lengthen, your derrière is more pronounced, your back straightens and your chest lifts. Head high, shoulders back. Don’t worry, you won’t have to walk very far, in fact crawling is better. Just come over here where I have a …surprise for you.

Clothed Female Nude Male (CFNM) at Oasis

I’m oiling up my paddle in preparation for a public spanking demo at Oasis Aqualounge tomorrow evening. Come to the Clothed Female Nude Male (CFNM) event for 9:30, where I will be holding court in the dungeon, discussing safety and negotiation around impact play / corporal punishment, revealing why it feels good to give and to receive in a sensory and a psychological frame, and then I will be putting my lucky submissive through the paces. If I feel like it I may even allow others to come lay over my knee and have a go at getting spanked. It might hurt, but you might like it.

I’ve been to CFNM at Oasis a few times now and it’s always great fun.There’s nothing like savouring the power of choosing to be clothed whilst the naked, vulnerable men squirm in the corner trying to keep their dignity. Men pay $50 and women get in free, so there’s usually more Dommes in the room than subs (free access to a swimming pool, sauna, and human footrests, yes please).  The hostesses are fantastic and come up with games to get folks in the Mistress/slave mood. Men decide what level of interaction they are up for by wearing coloured ribbons on their wrists: Green – available for interactive play, Pink- verbal humiliation, White – servitude. I was at this event for my birthday, and it was my only wish to spank 29 people in one night. All the men lined up along the pool deck with their bottoms ready, and it was the first time I’ve ever spanked whilst jogging. A spank marathon.

Come along and join the sadistic fun tomorrow, it’s only one pink note ($50) to meet me and maybe even get a rosy rear.