Catheter Arts: put it in to let it out

Those who follow my musings know that I have a fetish for all things urethral. Piss games like target practice, forced consumption, toilet slavery, golden enema, bladder control, and on to more precise practices like sounding, figging, and urethral stretching.

Catheter play is a twisted merry game, and it can be done as a standalone practice or as part of a longer scene. If you’ve been sounded you’ll know that the feeling of a slender object snaking up your urethra is incredible, intensely pleasurable, and stimulating for the prostate. Once it’s secured in you, imagine how much it would heighten pleasure for other play.

It’s quite an ordeal of medical paraphernalia, laying the sterile Sheet of Dignity over your freshly swabbed and cleansed junk, lubricating the equipment, feeding it through into the bladder and inflating the bubble to keep it in, and securing the leg bag. The bag fills – you don’t get to decide when you are going to urinate because this little tube does it all for you.

From there, I might carry on flaying you, going deeper into medical play. Needles, staples, sutures… I can go into more detail when we meet, I don’t want to frighten the sissies away from reading the rest of this.

I put you in extended bondage. You are immobile, unable to touch yourself. Perhaps you are kept in a cage overnight as I sleep soundly in the king bed upstairs.

Or maybe we go out in public, and you squirm with hot embarrassment in lacy knickers and catheter tubing under your everyday clothes. Imagine dinner across form me as I gently torment you, urging you to drink more water.

And then, a test of your devotion in an act of submissive debasement. The bag is full, but how could we waste such a precious collection? It’s got to go back in, one hole or another. I might let you flip a coin to seal your fate.

Want to try it? Break the golden seal. Come get cath’d.



Ballad of the Sissy Slut

I found a sissy by surprise

Trying on my best thigh highs

“You thieving bitch!” I said to him,

“Get on the floor. Obey my whims.”

So he did, his satin creased

I perked his bum up, hot and greased

I laughed to see his clit a-throbbing

Dribbling juice, the tip a-bobbing

“What a nasty slut you are

But just obey and you’ll go far.”

Cue the music, hit the lights

Disgusting fun all day all night

Rope and sounding, CBT

Ball gags, clamps, tongue on my feet

My needs first, never yours

The thief found snooping through my drawers

Silky sissy frilly slut

Clips and zips, all buttoned up

And your butt your butt your butt your butt

Dressed like that you’re going to get what…you deserve

When I’m through, and you are too,

Have an oily rag to wipe up your goo

Stumble out of my house to the harsh daylight

Panties in pocket, feeling tight

People point and laugh and stare

They know about your underwear

Wobble home on shoes too high

Lube still dribbles down your thigh

Dirty, greedy, hungry frill

You’ll be back – you know you will.

Interview With A sub In Chastity

A big thing I love about kinky folks is that they look so fabulously normal on the outside, blending in with their normal people clothes. When I look around a restaurant or an airport lounge, I wonder how many of the men are wearing lacy knickers under their suits, and how many women are holding the key to their sweetie’s chastity cage.

There are more and more couples experimenting with chastity devices, and both men and women have written to me asking for advice. What I can say is the same as any new play: do it light and brief the first go, and gradually extend the time and intensity. And have at least 3 keys – one for you, one for your partner, and one kept in a safe place. Bolt cutters are a last resort.

I asked around within my community to see who might have insight into this kind of power exchange. I had the pleasure of meeting a perfectly disguised sissy service sub. Reliable dark blue suit and tie, sensible glasses, completely innocuous except for a slightly pained expression when he shifted in his seat. He and his wife have started playing with long-term chastity and I took the chance to ask about his experience.

MIH: What gets you off about this game?

SSS: The humiliation of knowing I’m not even man enough to be in charge of my own orgasms. The build up and frustration and ongoing, tingling need.

When did you first find out about chastity as an activity?

Relatively early on. Say, early 20s. Once I’d started really investigating the idea of being dominated. You visit a few dungeons, you see some things. And you ask some questions. And mine was “What’s that suspiciously cock-shaped restraint on that shelf?”

What was your first experience?

It was with a lovely redhead I dated. She was naturally quite dominant and loved to tease me. And once I saved the money up, I bought a device. And when she locked me up, my cock swelled and pulsed instantly and I felt overwhelmed. I think I may have swooned.

How did you negotiate the terms? Maybe not directly in relation to this specific activity, but was there conversation around methods of any extreme control before the big clamp?

We didn’t think it through much. It was very brief and mostly for fun. I didn’t undergo long stretches at that time.

How did it affect your daily life?

Very little, though walking around with a secret like that was, naturally, quite stimulating.

Would you have wanted to know anything that you know now before diving in?

Nah. The shock and delight were interwoven.

Can you describe the range of feelings and emotions you experience being locked up? How does it change with time? I can imagine it is quite different on day one than week three.

Well, now that I’m doing longer stretches….hmm. There’s elation at first. Then frustration. And the frustration comes in waves, commingled with ecstasy, a bratty sort of defiance, a head-down “I’m going to BEAT THIS” kind of motivation, and occasionally a weakened, shaky sort of surrender. It’s extreme on an emotional level. The further along you are, the more pliant you become. Basically you fight it until you can’t. Then you’re at the mercy of the steel, and the keeper.

How does it shape your experience with your wife when they are physically with you?

Oh, I’m instantly more obliging and servile. Anything to please.

I don’t imagine that the thrill lies simply in your useless deformity being locked away. What activities does it involve for you? Does technology play a part?

Tech, not so much, unless you count being texted filth that’s designed to make the experience more difficult. Just being teased, being penetrated, being wrapped around one’s keeper’s little finger.

What things in any part of your life do you find easier to put your mind to now you’re locked?

Oh, chores. Chores and generally being a pleasing slut. Also writing!

What models have you tried, and which work best for you?

I’ve tried the CB-6000, which I broke when I got hard once, so NO THANKS. I tried the Birdlocked, which is silicon, which chafed and led to a mild edema that eventually cleared up. The best I’ve ever had was stainless steel. Easy to clean, easy to wear for long stretches, comfortable though unyielding.

How, if at all, can this be done solo?

I suppose you’d have to be more fetishist than submissive. And if you get off on just the notion of the device, go for it, you know? Have a blast. Be your own top. I’m not so much into that. I like being directed.


Cock and ball torture. It’s the torture part of it that makes you shrivel, isn’t it? Well let me lay it out now: you are going to leave my clinic with your treasure fully intact. I may have a huge step-by-step castration poster on the wall, but really. When I show up with a peice of string, a handful of clothespegs, a metal comb, and a smile, I intend to delight you and transport you into a level of sensation that you can’t get from humping the washing machine. Give me your tender parts for an hour, I will get to work on that place you hold most dear, administering sensations ranging from tingles to tears.

At the very light end of the scale, pricks of pleasure run through you when I lightly drag a metal comb or pinwheel across you. A pleasant scratching. One level up, the string wraps around you, holding you at attention, tightly. Constricting you, so it feels as though I am gripping you at all times. Ready for more? The pegs clip on, slowly, all over. I have all sizes and strengths, and some are nice and some are nasty. Further on, I attach a tiny skirt around your sack which I can attach a range of weights to, in order to pull you down, down down down. This is a very stretchy organ, with a quick recovery time. So it may hurt now, but it’s worth it darling. How many lbs can you carry on your balls? Come to me to experiment.

My favourite new toy was given to me by a nice boy who fashioned a smother box for me, and added a humbler to the gift package. Oh what fun! This device allows the wearer to remain in an all-fours position, whether crawling on the floor or tumbled into his back, legs in the air. The balls are caught between two peices of wood, which are screwed together at the back of the thighs, so the straighter you stand, the further it pulls. It’s amazing the things that excite me nowadays. Picture a boy on his knees, collared at the neck with a chain dangling down his body attached to another loop at his prick, and decorated with a humbler, vigorously scrubbing filth off the skirting boards in my living room. My stars.

Now we slide further up the scale of torture. If needles make you uneasy, skip this paragraph. There is someting about peircing skin that is very intimate. I am managing someone’s pain, sliding small skewers through flesh like butter, sewing them up with needle and thread, changing their shape using tiny metal tools. Why?? Because you can handle it. Because you can take the pain I give you. You get a release when you scream, when you give away your right to comfort.

Can I take your further? Saline infusions, what a world of pain, confusion, and total lack of control. I feed the solution into you through a tube (I’ve been trained to administer this treatment) and inflate your bag to a hilarious size.

I haven’t even got to ball busting! There really is so much I can go on about torturing the cock and balls, that it will have to wait.