I’m always Alpha.

What’s your favourite letter of my kinky alphabet?


A jolly good fisting


Curved anal hook

Dildo sucking

Edible panties

Finger licking

Golden enema

Hitachi buzzing

Involuntary drooling

Jizz cleanup

Kinky lunch date

Leech therapy



Medical-grade steel

Orifice flushing



Role play



Undergarment worship


Wool bondage

X-rated theatres

you and Me and Her

Zipped up bodybag





See Me Now

Winter is the perfect time for reflection and to build on close relationships. It’s when we can be most creative and submerge into projects that need a lot of dreaming put into them. We also need to keep warm with lots of spanking, enemas, and figging.

This week, I’m most excited about wearing my leather boots while strapping subs down to the experiment table, snapping on the surgical gloves and getting right to the bottom of The Issue.

I’m always game for a round of Force the Sissy, where bountiful frills are locked in place with zips, buckles, and tight lacing. Because we can’t have you escaping, can we.


Thursday 2pm-7pm

Friday 10am-7pm

Saturday 10am-10pm

Book time with me this week. Email mistressisobelhart@gmail.com to set an appointment without delay.




A Big Day Out: Kidnapping and Torment

More and more people from near and far are coming to me for a full day and night or torture. You ask what we will do together, who else might be involved, where we will go, how you will feel, and when can you book the flight.

My dears, everyone is different. No one experiences exactly the same day of fearful fun with me in charge. But here’s a whiff of a sample of a Big Day Out with me.

You see me as you walk through the arrival gate at the city airport. I’m not holding any sign with your name on it, I’m simply standing there in a sleek dark suit, leather gloves and murderous stilettos, waiting for you. We lock eyes and you know to follow me.

Your session has begun.

My heels click down the polished arrival hall, your rumbling suitcase wheels fill the space between our heavy, expectant silence. I walk you past the pickup point, around the corner of the building. Grabbing you by the neck I wrench your head back to blindfold and gag you, and hurl you into the back of a vehicle. It’s going to be a bumpy ride in the dark.

You can only hear snatches of conversation and laughter between the driver and I above the music. Sharp sudden turns throw you against the walls of the vehicle – was this really such a good idea?

Finally the engine cuts. Strong hands pull you up and move you roughly out and through a door. Stairs heading down. Your senses are overloaded, wildly trying to make sense of your surroundings with the inability to see or speak. The hands release you and you stumble onto a cold floor.

Nothing. The distant drip of water. Darkness and silence.

Then, you hear me slowly descending the stairs, shoes punctuating every step. My body heat radiates against your face. My hands stroke your bruised body, gliding over your flesh and lighting up your nerves. I pin you down, my warm weight pressing you hard onto the chilly cement. Metal snakes around your wrists and clamps tight, chain pulling your arms taut. I crawl over you and shackle your ankles, stretching you out entirely. I roughly slice your clothes open so you are naked and vulnerable.

Just as you’ve gotten used to the feeling of being completely open, I land a sharp kick to your shin. Pain blossoms up and down your leg but you can’t move to protect yourself as I work you all over – kicking your ass, your thighs, and stomach with my cruel shoes. You are shuddering and wheezing, and you flinch when I bring your face into my hands, gently smoothing out the creases of tension. A sip of water through a straw. And then you are left alone.

You can’t measure how much time passes before your blindfold is ripped off and you are squinting in the harsh light of a single bulb. You’ve been bound up in a fiercely tight leather body harness, straps and locked buckles criss-crossing in a web to hold you fast. Through the light shining into your eyes you can make out the shape of me standing above you. My hand on your body, and as I press hard on your bruise a shower of sparks crackles your vision.

Hungry for more? Come play with me! 




Duos with Ms Violet

Achingly intense duos with Ms Violet Mays in a Toronto Fetish Dungeon. Book without delay.

Wrapped in suffocation, body bound, we examine your exposed flesh and yank your brain. We delight in opening you up to sensations. We circle you, prowling around your cage, poking you and probing you and flooding you with the heat and exquisite weight of two perfect bodies as we smother you.


IV- Final 5003.jpg

Mst. Isobel and Ms. Violet prepare to sound a subdued patient


We perceive your every twitch and we understand all the subtleties of your body. We manipulate your entire being and thrust it out to dangle on the knife edge of reality.

You wake slowly, and realize you are held down by thick bands and pinned by a bright light. Awareness crystallizes as you feel a peculiar coolness holding parts of you open. Quick hands operate above you, soft words of solace and nurturing touch you as the needle slides in and through. You can be our secret experiment.


IV- Final 4897.jpg

An oral exam combined with nerve stimulation, to prepare for saline infusion.


Ms Violet and Mst Isobel


Happy Slutsgiving! Duos With Contessa Zoe

Sweet sickos,

It’s your sticky hot wet dream – to be trussed, dressed and basted to be the meaty centrepiece of the Vore feast for two greedy Goddesses.

Zoe Aspasia (www.zoe-aspasia.com) and I are buttering up the corn cobs making them nice and slick to spit-roast you. Seasonal buggery indeed. Contessa Zoe and I have a cornucopia of sadistic and humiliating activities to keep your spank bank stocked well into winter.


  • Slut Turkey bondage with all the fixin’
  • Spit-roasting
  • Harvest WAM
  • Pain Training
  • Human furniture/ candlestick
  • Sissification
  • Cannibal/ Vore Fetish
  • Juicy Basting Enema
  • JOI, CIE
  • Saran Wrap Marinade
  • Battery Farm Caging
  • Forced Oven
  • Kitchen Corporal Punishment

More than a list of things, take a look at us and just imagine basking in our fierce presence, giving in to our whims, our creatively twisted desires, sliding deep into submission as our messy little goose.


Advanced Booking and Deposit Required for all supplicants

Tribute:  1 – 3 Hrs : 500 * 700 * 900

Availability: 11am-8pm M-F with rare weekend availability.

Deposit via Bitcoin, EMT (Interac e-transfer), GC of our choice, or Snail mail ($/ MO).

corn cob sodomy * turkey trussing: stuffing/ anal, food gags, spices * cannibal-style turkey preparation with sauce, tenderizing, saran wrap marinading and Vore talk * Harvest themed WAM with gourd/ pumpkin / jack-o-lantern fucking (JOI or Anal) * human cornucopia with candles, markers + lipstick carcass colouring/ tagging * turkey role play from “humane” breathplay weakening to trussing and stuffing * Spitroasting * candlecocks * “manturkey” caging and corporal punishment * master basting class * rubber gloving * and more terrifying and delightful things *


Catheter Arts: put it in to let it out

Those who follow my musings know that I have a fetish for all things urethral. Piss games like target practice, forced consumption, toilet slavery, golden enema, bladder control, and on to more precise practices like sounding, figging, and urethral stretching.

Catheter play is a twisted merry game, and it can be done as a standalone practice or as part of a longer scene. If you’ve been sounded you’ll know that the feeling of a slender object snaking up your urethra is incredible, intensely pleasurable, and stimulating for the prostate. Once it’s secured in you, imagine how much it would heighten pleasure for other play.

It’s quite an ordeal of medical paraphernalia, laying the sterile Sheet of Dignity over your freshly swabbed and cleansed junk, lubricating the equipment, feeding it through into the bladder and inflating the bubble to keep it in, and securing the leg bag. The bag fills – you don’t get to decide when you are going to urinate because this little tube does it all for you.

From there, I might carry on flaying you, going deeper into medical play. Needles, staples, sutures… I can go into more detail when we meet, I don’t want to frighten the sissies away from reading the rest of this.

I put you in extended bondage. You are immobile, unable to touch yourself. Perhaps you are kept in a cage overnight as I sleep soundly in the king bed upstairs.

Or maybe we go out in public, and you squirm with hot embarrassment in lacy knickers and catheter tubing under your everyday clothes. Imagine dinner across form me as I gently torment you, urging you to drink more water.

And then, a test of your devotion in an act of submissive debasement. The bag is full, but how could we waste such a precious collection? It’s got to go back in, one hole or another. I might let you flip a coin to seal your fate.

Want to try it? Break the golden seal. Come get cath’d.



Ballad of the Sissy Slut

I found a sissy by surprise

Trying on my best thigh highs

“You thieving bitch!” I said to him,

“Get on the floor. Obey my whims.”

So he did, his satin creased

I perked his bum up, hot and greased

I laughed to see his clit a-throbbing

Dribbling juice, the tip a-bobbing

“What a nasty slut you are

But just obey and you’ll go far.”

Cue the music, hit the lights

Disgusting fun all day all night

Rope and sounding, CBT

Ball gags, clamps, tongue on my feet

My needs first, never yours

The thief found snooping through my drawers

Silky sissy frilly slut

Clips and zips, all buttoned up

And your butt your butt your butt your butt

Dressed like that you’re going to get what…you deserve

When I’m through, and you are too,

Have an oily rag to wipe up your goo

Stumble out of my house to the harsh daylight

Panties in pocket, feeling tight

People point and laugh and stare

They know about your underwear

Wobble home on shoes too high

Lube still dribbles down your thigh

Dirty, greedy, hungry frill

You’ll be back – you know you will.

July Schedule

leathercageOh summer is upon us in all its sweaty burning muggy glory. I don’t produce a lot of melanin but I can’t resist a skimpy frock, so I require a parasol holder as well as a bag bitch on my outings this season.

Really I like to be in the dungeon where it’s dark and cool. There I can lace you up in the leather body cage and hook it to the suspension bar, hang you up and leave you tight and dangling while I taunt and tease you.

Late in the dark I have you strapped into whatever contraption I feel you need – hanging upside down by your ankles so I can use your head for my amusement, or hooked up to a fluid extraction and recycling machine so that none of your liquids are put to waste. When was the last time your body was reduced to a simple system of passages? I am a meticulous experimenter and I have the tools to remodel you.

I am in Toronto this month. My availability is 5-11pm on the following dates.




25th-28th (10am-11pm)

As always my pets, you have a much better chance of spending time at my feet when you enquire at least a day ahead, because I’m often booked up. I am taking deposits for all new slaves who can’t give references, even if you request an in-person consultation. And we both know that pleasing me every step of the way is a truly rewarding investment.





New Photos

Oh my darlings. The photos are up.

Just what on earth am I bathing in? Well, let me just say it took considerable time to harvest, and that was after going to all the trouble of kidnapping, tormenting, and teasing the “livestock”. Worth the factory farming though, and now my evil plans for global control of the male species are that much closer to completion.

collection (1).jpg

Of course you’ll like it the first dozen or so times that you are milked. But then, the longer you are left in your cage, brought out into the light to feed and harvest just twice a day, you may regret your life choice to be a donor. But by then it’ll be too late to get out of the contract, which binds you until you are pumped dry of all of your seed. At least the food isn’t bad – my studs make sure of that.




How lucky am I to have such a rich network of talented degenerates in Toronto. My fabulously skilled photographer Sydney Rose and I had a fortuitous day at the Patricia Marsh Dungeon rollicking around in the clawfoot bathtub upstairs.