Month: April 2020

Fetish from Afar

Darlings. I know. I feel the same way.

Without my kinky imagination to keep me entertained, I don’t know where I’d be.

It’s just me and my pet python at the moment, finally catching up on all those BDSM books I had you buy me. I’m parading around my home dungeon in all my latex and leather corsets, and the neighbours across the road have stopped caring!

I’m thinking a lot about chastity and torment in extreme bondage. I’m dreaming up distance training programs, one for sissies, and one strictly for hole stretching. Obviously my medical fetish is raging in these circumstances and I am here to diagnose you, you poor sick bastard. Let’s talk about it. Or text, or video.

Fill in an application at to set up a secure virtual BDSM session.

distance training