Month: June 2018

Parades and Perversity at Toronto Pride

There was no sleep. Playtime and parties blurred into one big trashy rainbow. Sadism, humiliation, sploshing, corporal, sounding, catheters, sissification, toy training, public slave training, and maid service.

So many firsts for me, starting with a romantic candlelit evening at Studio Torment. The ghost of Marquis de Sade lit my match and I dripped wax into my very own human candlestick.


Isn’t it lovely? Keep an eye out for your Valentine’s Day card next year.

Next, Contessa Zoe Aspasia and I made a lot of people very very happy, or at least gave them experiences they will find impossible to forget (or live down). We spanked and sploshed and scissored, to the delight and dismay of our lucky submissives. Together as a duo we are ruthless and playful.

two littlemerangues.jpg

Doesn’t that above photo look like a tranquil moment? Does that sense of calm feel a little…uncertain?


That was a sloppy one. Vanilla pudding (with sprinkles for extra rainbow pride) smeared into every bodily crevice, sealed up tight tight in a plastic tarp, and then used as a lube slide for our latex lingerie. Squishy, shiny, sublime.

We had disposable corporal tools so we could throw them out after they got blood on them. We had single-use dental spreader gags so we could see how hilarious it looked. We had sweaty scents and golden showers, we gave assgasms galore. Look at this foot slut in total ecstasy.


Later on I had the pleasure of playing doctor in the medical at Studio Ludus with a favourite patient of mine. He begged for urethral dilation to open him up and catheters to flush out the bad. He didn’t see the syringe coming. My medical fetish grows more urgent.


Finally, another first! I took a girl out for a walk on a leash on Church Street after the Pride Parade, and she misbehaved so much that she needed almost constant spanking with all sorts of implements. She couldn’t get enough of making eye contact with strangers in the crowd while wearing a bright pink ball gag for everyone to gawp at. The adrenaline was indescribable.


I am now relaxing in my kitchen with a bowl of cherries and a pot of very good green tea.

I will continue touring Toronto Ottawa and Montreal this year, if you didn’t get a chance to be under my shoe/whip/armpit this time. Contessa is also available for duos in these cities on very select dates. BOOK HERE NOW to abandon yourself to decadent submission. Longer scenes accepted.