The Springtime Lioness Tour

Goodie goodie gumdrops.

I’m feeling like my new springtime skin is emerging out from the winter hide. The season past brought me deeper into my medical fetish with suturing and saline, and like crocuses poking through snow, I will wake you up out of hibernation with spiked promises of pleasure and pain. Are you ready to feel new things? The latex gloves snaps and catches the sunlight in a gleam of lube. Your body holds so many secrets, and with my tools, I can help you unlock those inner channels of ecstasy. Ass first.


IV- Final 5003 webcopy.jpgMontreal, I have a feeling you need to be roughed up – rope and corporal to break the ice.

Ottawa, you are that secret kinky bitch who never fails to impress me with your endurance for pain and weirdness.

Toronto, I miss you. Let’s party, yes? The dildo-slinging girl gang is all there, the nudist club is open and up for laughing at your clitdick, and I know what sissy craves.

Catch me quick before I’m booked up. If you’ve tried to meet me before but my schedule’s been full, now’s your chance. Read my site all the way through and contact me through my application form.

Montreal April 12 –  15

Ottawa April 16 – 17

Toronto April 19 – 27

Till then, be good.





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