A Big Day Out: Kidnapping and Torment

More and more people from near and far are coming to me for a full day and night or torture. You ask what we will do together, who else might be involved, where we will go, how you will feel, and when can you book the flight.

My dears, everyone is different. No one experiences exactly the same day of fearful fun with me in charge. But here’s a whiff of a sample of a Big Day Out with me.

You see me as you walk through the arrival gate at the city airport. I’m not holding any sign with your name on it, I’m simply standing there in a sleek dark suit, leather gloves and murderous stilettos, waiting for you. We lock eyes and you know to follow me.

Your session has begun.

My heels click down the polished arrival hall, your rumbling suitcase wheels fill the space between our heavy, expectant silence. I walk you past the pickup point, around the corner of the building. Grabbing you by the neck I wrench your head back to blindfold and gag you, and hurl you into the back of a vehicle. It’s going to be a bumpy ride in the dark.

You can only hear snatches of conversation and laughter between the driver and I above the music. Sharp sudden turns throw you against the walls of the vehicle – was this really such a good idea?

Finally the engine cuts. Strong hands pull you up and move you roughly out and through a door. Stairs heading down. Your senses are overloaded, wildly trying to make sense of your surroundings with the inability to see or speak. The hands release you and you stumble onto a cold floor.

Nothing. The distant drip of water. Darkness and silence.

Then, you hear me slowly descending the stairs, shoes punctuating every step. My body heat radiates against your face. My hands stroke your bruised body, gliding over your flesh and lighting up your nerves. I pin you down, my warm weight pressing you hard onto the chilly cement. Metal snakes around your wrists and clamps tight, chain pulling your arms taut. I crawl over you and shackle your ankles, stretching you out entirely. I roughly slice your clothes open so you are naked and vulnerable.

Just as you’ve gotten used to the feeling of being completely open, I land a sharp kick to your shin. Pain blossoms up and down your leg but you can’t move to protect yourself as I work you all over – kicking your ass, your thighs, and stomach with my cruel shoes. You are shuddering and wheezing, and you flinch when I bring your face into my hands, gently smoothing out the creases of tension. A sip of water through a straw. And then you are left alone.

You can’t measure how much time passes before your blindfold is ripped off and you are squinting in the harsh light of a single bulb. You’ve been bound up in a fiercely tight leather body harness, straps and locked buckles criss-crossing in a web to hold you fast. Through the light shining into your eyes you can make out the shape of me standing above you. My hand on your body, and as I press hard on your bruise a shower of sparks crackles your vision.

Hungry for more? Come play with me! 





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