Duos with Ms Violet

Achingly intense duos with Ms Violet Mays in a Toronto Fetish Dungeon. Book without delay.

Wrapped in suffocation, body bound, we examine your exposed flesh and yank your brain. We delight in opening you up to sensations. We circle you, prowling around your cage, poking you and probing you and flooding you with the heat and exquisite weight of two perfect bodies as we smother you.


IV- Final 5003.jpg

Mst. Isobel and Ms. Violet prepare to sound a subdued patient


We perceive your every twitch and we understand all the subtleties of your body. We manipulate your entire being and thrust it out to dangle on the knife edge of reality.

You wake slowly, and realize you are held down by thick bands and pinned by a bright light. Awareness crystallizes as you feel a peculiar coolness holding parts of you open. Quick hands operate above you, soft words of solace and nurturing touch you as the needle slides in and through. You can be our secret experiment.


IV- Final 4897.jpg

An oral exam combined with nerve stimulation, to prepare for saline infusion.


Ms Violet and Mst Isobel


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