Explaining My Harvest and Extraction Scene

Many of you have contacted me asking what my seed harvest session is. You just don’t get subtlety, do you.

Scenario 1: I am a sadistic villianess, the power-mad keeper of the key to your cage. You are bound and hooked up to my ingenious machine, and you are helpless against my milking machines. I taunt you as the rope bonds grows tighter, as the sensations intensify till you feel like you will burst…

Test alpha and you will be an exalted slave in my ranks. Test beta and I will still find a job for you, perhaps cleaning grime off my stiletto.

pour_girl (1).jpg


Scenario 2: I am in the bath, waiting to be cleaned and pampered by my servant. I am to be treated as a Goddess, pure yet decadent. You ache in chastity as you lather up and polish my body. I may humiliate you further by dressing you in slutty silky frills and laugh as you fumble for your clit, desperate to impress.



The theme has room to include bondage, CBT, punishment enema and sissification, catheter play, and so on. Essentially, it’s about edging. This is done with prostate massage, JOI, and/or a machine. As to whether or not there is a release, that depends on how sweet and compliant you are with my evil plan. The gooey result is then recycled into you through any of your holes, or turned into a frozen popsicle for the next victim.

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