Pony Play: Tally-Ho! The Hunt is On.

I’m always on the hunt for new ways of dehumanizing my subs. Already I am whittling my way through boxes of ginger root in a figging frenzy (it keeps your tail pert and your body hot and alert), and dressing my boys up in new ways, using leather and metal to hobble them, to change their shape into something more creatureish. And I do like a spectacle, giving a chance to win ribbons. So starting this week I am inviting beasts of burden and prize-winning ponies alike for a trot around the dungeon paddock.


I have a full leather bridle with blinkers and a bit, hard-backed bristled brushes, leather cuffs and reins to keep you in place, and a trusty set of crops and canes to keep you in line. How high can you jump? I am a proud owner and I will put you through the paces to train you to be the most obedient pony. As a reward, I may choose to ride you.

How will you come in first place? 








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