Interview on Consent in Kink

What do I want? Kinky things! When do I want them? As soon as you agree!

You don’t need convincing, coercing, cajoling. It’s so hot when I say “I’m going to chain you to a post, wrap your whole body in plastic, and kick you around,” and you say, “YES! Can we do that right this instant?”

In this interview on The Debrief I talk to Gareth May about big rules and risk awareness in BDSM, alongside Glasgow-based Dominatrix Mistress Megara.

“…you should ask, and everyone, irrespective of gender, likes it when you do. Consent isn’t just for kids. Whether fingering… throat-fucking, anal, heavy petting, pegging, love biting, or hair pulling, the best experiences for everyone involved are only reached by talking about them – so why do adults outside of the BDSM community seemingly have trouble vocalizing the C word? “

Adults Are in Need of Lessons in Consent Too




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