My Predilections

Remember when I did an elegant, hot, weird photo shoot with Maron de Sade? And how they held difficult poses for a long time while I adjusted strands of their hair and made sure their frills were ruffled just enough? Oh you don’t? I should think this will remind you.

Mst Isobel-3093.jpg

It’s all becoming clear now, isn’t it. Memories of your own desires are pushing their way into the light.

This shot stirs something in me, the sinuous lines of our bodies not touching but shaped to connect. They’re bending back to move away from my cane but thrusting forward in helpless submission to the pleasure that comes from this whole game.

Take in the staggering beauty before you.




  1. Oh Mistress Isobel:
    How I look forward to seeing your latest posts. I feel despondent when I don’t get the chance to view your latest post right away, and have to wait a day or two.
    Such a beautiful picture of you, looking intently into the soul of your prey. I remember so well that look, and crave it so much.

    Yours Obediently, Glen


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