Duos with Miss Elle West

Big news, I’m bisexual. New shocking fact, I’m an exhibitionist.


Meet my lovely friend Elle. We love to play together in front of people, to tease men and tempt women. We put on quite a show for the enthusiastic voyeur. I love to spank her and mark her, to fill her up with an enema, and other deviant activities I come up with. An audience is always a delight to perform for. Imagine a private show with two smart, sexy, sadistic women going all out, using you as a piece of furniture or leaving you in a corner, tied up and gagged, denied and denied.


When did you last do something that scared you? Two dominant, sparkling Mistresses having their way with you, hands and harnesses everywhere, bullying you into submission. If you think you can handle the brilliance, we are here, filing our nails into delicate points.

Elle describes herself as a “lifelong domme, [with] a taste for the unusual and the sublime.” Gaze around her website www.MissElleWest.com and picture being stuck between the two of us. Sublime indeed.

Book your uniquely depraved indulgence HERE.



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