New York Visit

I am planning a trip to NYC at the end of February. This is likely to be my last trip to the city for a while, so if you’ve been wondering when to come out and play, this iFullSizeRender.jpgs the time.

When I visit New York I’m there for the kinky fun of course, but also for the fantastic food, music, and theatre, not to mention the architecture. Even in the depths of winter I love to walk through Manhattan enjoying the views.

I use Pandora’s Box during my stay, which is a fabulously well-equipped and outstandingly furnished underworld right downtown.

I am also available to meet for tea. You will find me to be the ideal companion, since I thrive over a good meal and some dirty conversation.  I love telling you what colour of lacy panties I want you to wear, or what size of plug you should be sitting down on when we meet, or perhaps a secret vial of my precious golden slipped into your cup, forced to drink in public.

Maybe you are a visitor to this town like me, and if you leave your hotel room unlocked I can walk in on you in an embarrassing situation.

This is the greatest kinky city on this side of the continent, so let’s get weird.


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