2016 New Year’s Resolutions

As a strict Mistress of discipline, I must also stick to my own rules. When I say I’m going to do something, unless I’m simply enjoying watching you squirm at the thought of my torment, I will do it. So, my list.

  1. Eat more good food.

    I make healthy, mostly raw food for myself, but I’m growing weary of the same ten dishes. New ingredients, new recipes.

  2. Get out in the cold

    I practice hot yoga indoors, but I chose to move to this tundra from the bog of England, so I am going to explore it. I’m picturing sadistic sessions in the snow.

  3. Learn to wield the single-tail whip

    I am loathe to pose and prance around with a whip when I have not taken training for it. Everything I list under my interests I have given time and energy to learn and understand. I do this because it is my passion.

  4. Write more.

    My sissification transformation story inspired many crossdressers and sissies to come and play with me. This year I will use the power of my words more than ever to hook your imagination.

  5. Break the mold as a Fem Dom

    I will continue to challenge and defy convention, to surprise and excite my fans with new ways of presenting my art. Watch out.

What have you resolved to do this year? I will help you stay on track. Forced exercise, forced dieting, servant training, and bespoke programs that will invigorate and empower you to have confidence and strength. Find freedom in your submission.

Happy New Year.

Photo on 2015-08-19 at 12.56 PM



      1. WOW!

        Just read it all through and that was an incredible experience. Definitely write more please, because you are extremely talented and can bring a story to life with your words.


      2. Requests eh?

        How about a story where a guy is well known for his womanizing ways. He continuously treats them with no respect and someone has seen enough of him actions and he needs to be taught a lesson. He is broken down physically and mentally, and in tears, to the point where he gives in and offers that he’ll do anything to make it stop. Then the fun begins.

        Is that something you could work with?


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