Month: January 2016

Cock and Ball Torture/Temptation (CBT)

Tonight I will be strutting around Toronto’s Oasis Aqualounge dungeon, giving a demonstration of my growing collection of CBT tools. I will have a very good sub with me, who is a true masochist in a frilly cock ring. You will witness some intense play that will stop just short of drawing blood.

Since being gifted a handmade humbler, I have grown to understand just how sensitive, stretchy, and resilient the few small inches of flesh between a person’s legs are. I get turned on when I see the whites around his eyes as I move in with the pinwheel ever closer, or slowly tighten the cord that’s connecting and constricting everything.IMG_3436

Sensations received from a scratch are different than that of a poke, or a kick, or a twist. If you’ve had CBT before and not enjoyed it, this may have been because you didn’t get a sensation that was right for you. For example, you may not have loved having hot wax dripped on your treasure if you have long luxurious pubic hair (pro tip: shave).

But you still waIMG_2577nt to know how much you can endure. The flat smack of a leather paddle is a different kind of pain that relies on impact. Maybe it’s constriction, being tied with nylon or leather cord until the skin is stretched tight and small. Or being squeezed and pulled, the mindfuck of brass weights being attached to your sack, one by one. And don’t get me started on sounding, taking control of your tiny virgin hole and stretching it out with precise methods. And for the truly dedicated, chastity is one of the truest forms of submission and long-term CBT. I have more to say about that on this blog post.

Come along to the workshop tonight at 10PM, it aims to entertain as well as inform.

The evening at Oasis is open to solo women ($20) and female/male couples ($80), and includes access to the whole space including the heated outdoor pool, sauna, and a million miles of spanking benches.

New York Visit

I am planning a trip to NYC at the end of February. This is likely to be my last trip to the city for a while, so if you’ve been wondering when to come out and play, this is the time.

When I visit New York I’m there for the kinky fun of course, but also for the fantastic food, music, and theatre, not to mention the architecture. Even in the depths of winter I love to walk through Manhattan enjoying the views.

I use Pandora’s Box during my stay, which is a fabulously well-equipped and outstandingly furnished underworld right downtown.

I am also available to meet for tea. You will find me to be the ideal companion, since I thrive over a good meal and some dirty conversation.  I love telling you what colour of lacy panties I want you to wear, or what size of plug you should be sitting down on when we meet, or perhaps a secret vial of my precious golden slipped into your cup, forced to drink in public.

Maybe you are a visitor to this town like me, and if you leave your hotel room unlocked I can walk in on you in an embarrassing situation.

This is the greatest kinky city on this side of the continent, so let’s get weird.

2016 New Year’s Resolutions

As a strict Mistress of discipline, I must also stick to my own rules. When I say I’m going to do something, unless I’m simply enjoying watching you squirm at the thought of my torment, I will do it. So, my list.

  1. Eat more good food.

    I make healthy, mostly raw food for myself, but I’m growing weary of the same ten dishes. New ingredients, new recipes.

  2. Get out in the cold

    I practice hot yoga indoors, but I chose to move to this tundra from the bog of England, so I am going to explore it. I’m picturing sadistic sessions in the snow.

  3. Learn to wield the single-tail whip

    Everything I list under my interests I have given time and energy to learn and understand. I do this because it is my passion.

  4. Write more.

    My sissification transformation story inspired many crossdressers and sissies to come and play with me. This year I will use the power of my words more than ever to hook your imagination.

  5. Break the mold as a Fem Dom

    I will continue to challenge and defy convention, to surprise and excite my fans with new ways of presenting my art. Watch out.

What have you resolved to do this year? I will help you stay on track. Servant training, and bespoke programs that will invigorate and empower you to have confidence and strength. Find freedom in your submission.

Happy New Year.