Location Location Location

All of those hoops I make you jump through pay off when you are finally allowed to step through the door and into my domain. Never before has it been so convenient to meet me, now that I am hosting from several locations.

First, and most fantastically, the three-storey funhouse is blazing with glory sitting subtle on an avenue in east downtown. Endless rooms, hundreds of ways to put you in predicament, chain you up to this or that, hang you from here, stretch you to there. It’s an incredible fantasy laboratory. Come discover the abundance of the strange.

Next, and conveniently close to the shopping mall, the penthouse smack dab in the middle of town. What better way to celebrate after we take a trip to the panty store than to dress you up in a domestic setting? Imagine all those kinky items standing out starkly against the normalcy of a simple kitchen.

For the jetsetting submissive, your next ambitious move will be to pay a visit to my newest space up at Keele and 401. People have written to me enquiring whether this is a typo, but you are reading correctly. Out-of-towners who fear the glut of traffic that comes with entering the city, cast off your doubts and crawl to this convenient, minimal condo.

Did you know that I am able to entertain at your residence? I visit hotels in the downtown core, and on occasion I make special trips out of town. I have a Mary Poppins-style bag of depravity just for this purpose.

Put the effort in to making your application, communicate politely, and you can slip deeply into fantasy, under my thumb.

Toronto Mistress Isobel Latex


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