Stocking Fetish

Puling on a pair of nylons is my favourite start to a working day. I fasten them with garter clips, and they show through my tight pencil skirt small, hard and telling. If you know what to look for. The tops of the stockings with the line of the garter belt frames my figure perfectly, and with a pair of leather high heels I leave my house feeling rather pleased and powerful. The lines of the backseams disappear under my clothes, sparking the imagination of commuters on the TTC. Dainty patterned fishnets to thick woolen argyles, I’ll take all colours, patterns  and thicknesses.

Seeing tights on other people makes me want to tear holes in the thin fabric like unwrapping a gift. Seeing a woman revealing the lacy top of a stay-up from the slit in a dress is a pure thrill. Spying the telltale toe seam of a pair of pantyhose underneath a man’s jeans is almost a direct invitation to drag him into a dark corner and tear holes in them so I can see what he’s up to under there.

I like it when my sub sucks my stocking-clad toes after I’ve had a hard day strutting around town squeezed into high heels. I like to smother her with my dirty feet, let her inhale the sweet sharpness of me. When I’m done with her worshipping my feet, I might allow her to sniff between my legs, but only if she’s very very good. When I wear pantyhose, things do get rather warm and damp in there, so a nice silky nylon face-sitting or covered queening is the sub’s reward for good behaviour.

If the gentleman is inclined to pull on a pair of pantyhose, it is my pleasure to train him how to to be a proper sissy slut. I give lessons on posture, gesture, and movement. I coach on cock sucking whilst he is crossdressing in stockings and a garter belt, looking up at me so sweetly as he deepthroats my dildo. If he doesn’t do it well enough, he is likely to be punished in a forced bi session with a well-hung Dom friend of mine. He will love the look of that sissified frill-framed arse and those sissification stockings.

Slaves, if you wish to praise my beauty and power, gift me with nylons, shower me with silk. It’s tights I love.


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