Saline Infusion Tutorial – A Domme Learns From A Dom

TRIGGER WARNING: if language around piercing squicks you out, this may not be your idea of  leisurely reading.

Look down and see your body manipulated into shapes you can’t comprehend. Your testicles bulge grotesquely, your tiny cock disappearing into the freakish deformity I have made out of your bag. Your breasts swell wantonly, inviting my gaze to rest there. How did you get in this predicament? How did you allow yourself to give away control of your body? I have penetrated you and made you into a clownish caricature of both masculinity and femininity for my amusement. Your junk slips out of lace panties but you fill out the bra perfectly. From here, anything can happen. You are safe under my skilled hands.

Saline infusion in the testicles was originally a medical procedure to check for irrecularities in the scrotum. With the skin stretched and the tesicles out of the way, a light was shone into the ballsack, where any lumps or inflamations would show up as dark spots. So there’s a short history lesson for you.

I have been trained by MasterTony to administer this transformative exercise. His sadistic clinic is cosy and impressively equipped. He smiles with genuine pleasure upon greeting me at his door, happy to be sharing a skill that he says is close to his heart. Our test subject is a little nervous, since we are going to be injecting his treasure with foreign substances, but he has done this before and trusts MasterTony to be safe and sane.

I watch him closely as he hooks up the IV tube to the saline bag, clipping in the butterfly syringe. Black latex gloves snap on (why are some colours so sexy?), and then a good application of alcohol swabs to sterilize the ball sack. He pulls the skin out and away from the testicles, because we don’t want anything going in there. The needle is short enough to stay in the sack and not stick into any place it shouldn’t.

The physical pain? Comparative with razor burn. The psychological pain? That all depends on who’s inflating you and how you want to feel.

MasterTony and I chat catheter play and suction pumps as the sub’s ball bag fills up. He takes 200cl in under 20 minutes, which I’m surprised to see since I’d heard that it can take hours. He’s drunk a lot of water and had a full meal not long before, so that helps things along. The cock ring does also its job well. Once the saline bag is emptied enough, MasterTony removes the syringe. An itty bitty dribble of liquid seeps out, and he stoppers up the entry point with some PoliGrip and a small bandage. The sub is delighted with his strange new toy, squishing it around and bouncing it back and forth.

MasterTony explains that if I were to give breasts to someone, multiple injections with a syringe would be the fastest way. I can imagine really toying with someone’s head as I slowly stick in each dose, gradually pumping them up and turning them into my big-tittied fuckpet. Oh my. A girl can certainly dream.

After the tutorial, I made a fully satisfying trip to Medical Mart. I am proud to say that I am all set up and ready to fill up all the sissy sluts, slaves and masochists that have the balls to be strapped on to my transformation table. How big is your desire?

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