The Springtime Lioness Tour

Goodie goodie gumdrops.

I’m feeling like my new springtime skin is emerging out from the winter hide. The season past brought me deeper into my medical fetish with suturing and saline, and like crocuses poking through snow, I will wake you up out of hibernation with spiked promises of pleasure and pain. Are you ready to feel new things? The latex gloves snaps and catches the sunlight in a gleam of lube. Your body holds so many secrets, and with my tools, I can help you unlock those inner channels of ecstasy. Ass first.


IV- Final 5003 webcopy.jpgMontreal, I have a feeling you need to be roughed up – rope and corporal to break the ice.

Ottawa, you are that secret kinky bitch who never fails to impress me with your endurance for pain and weirdness.

Toronto, I miss you. Let’s party, yes? The dildo-slinging girl gang is all there, the nudist club is open and up for laughing at your clitdick, and I know what sissy craves.

Catch me quick before I’m booked up. If you’ve tried to meet me before but my schedule’s been full, now’s your chance. Read my site all the way through and contact me through my application form.

Montreal April 12 –  15

Ottawa April 16 – 17

Toronto April 19 – 27

Till then, be good.






Article in Accent Magazine

It’s so good to have a shiny print copy of Accent in my hands.

Seven Toronto Dommes,  photoshoots, interviews, and even a poem thrust into a rather awesome feature.

Accent is dedicated to the everyday heroes who make the world a brighter place simply by being themselves.

Well, you know, I get by.

2017-07-20 13.38.202017-07-20 13.38.482017-07-20 13.38.58

A link to my interview is HERE.

Leeches: An Open Letter

Dear Ms. Violet –

I think I’ve got it. It’s the pleasure principle, the drive for life. The basic drives are sex and aggression, says Freud, and the leeches in the glass bowl in the dungeon show this with satisfying clarity. They swim about, or sucker on and hang off the side of the glass, or roll about all over each other at the bottom. Their days and nights are spent being languid science exhibits.

To feed, the inside goes out and into another inside. Penetration takes many forms, as I continually discover.

We watched as one of them clamped onto a juicy vein and suckled, pulsing writhing ecstatically. It fed quickly, sleek and fat with blood, and once satisfied it rolled away. The baby suckles the nipple, the life force, and a human infant has an ego too distant to expand awareness past the breast. That leech knew nothing outside the throbbing vein on our victim’s cock. I watch the leeches swimming in the sun, able to live a year without feeding but they’re always hunting. Babies can at least cry, kick and scream to beat away the bad feelings of the absence of milk. Do the leeches live in frustration until they bite into living flesh?

Our weird biology experiment sits on the windowsill, our horde of pleasure-seekers holding court over the space where we poke and prick and piss and pervert, and they wait for their moment to drink life.

There were two that refused to sink into human skin. Are they gay? Not into male blood Hermaphroditic symbiosis – an unfed one curled around the bloated body of one who’d eaten, pressed its mouth against the body, and bit down. They tumbled around in the murky water and eventually the fat one squirmed free. A definite indent from where the queer one had used it as a nipple. What a brute!

Sex and aggression are so satisfyingly displayed in leech behaviour. The prick and the sting of it latching on, the engorged heaven of feeding, and the wet wound that flows thick and red.

Amphibious fanged mouths.

Our oral-sadistic pets.

Glug glug.


Live Performance at Oasis: Sissification at CFNM

It tugs at you. You flush red when the thoughts sneak in. You walk by certain shop windows a little slower. You imagine what it would be like to be her. To feel the softness and restriction of feminine clothing, to be sensual, provocative, slutty. If only you had the permission.


TOMORROW NIGHT! Come to Oasis Aqualounge to watch Miss Violet and I perform a live sissification at the Clothed Female Nude Male event. Men and couples are $60, women are free. Tickets can be purchased at the door. The night begins at 8, and we are on stage at 1030. Enjoy the outdoor heated pool, hot tub, sauna and kinky fun. This event is great for beginners who have always wanted to know more about being a sissy. If you want to meet Miss Violet and I in a relaxed and discreet environment, this is your chance.

IV- Final5142.jpg

Yes the scene plays over in my mind too.

Being a sissy doesn’t make you a woman. It doesn’t make you a man. A sissy is just what we make her. The corset laces tight, the stockings glide over, the makeup dusts on, and finally, the wig sits snug and changes the shape of your face and décolletage. Try on the heels. They change the way you carry yourself – your legs lengthen, your derrière is more pronounced, your back straightens and your chest lifts. Head high, shoulders back. Don’t worry, you won’t have to walk very far, in fact crawling is better. Just come over here where I have a …surprise for you.

Life is Shifting

Your favourite British redhead Dominatrix is making some changes.

If you’ve been thinking about what it would be like to play with me, now is the time to book. Many of you follow my writing, praise my photographs, and send gorgeous gifts of admiration. Take it a step further this summer, before I’m gone.

From August, I will be shaping my schedule to better fit my graduate studies into my life. This means that after this summer, I will be available for only a few short days a month or every other month. I am in the process of creating a mailing list for occasional announcements of my dates for Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, as well as further afield.

I love to create scenes for beginners and advanced players alike. I am open to many things, and priority is given to sissies and medical fetishists, and role-play that reaches deep into the psyche.

Amazing things have happened when I’ve joined forces with other BDSM practitioners, including Ms Violet Mays, Miss Ava Rose, Contessa Zoe Aspasia, Chastity Goddess, Lady Shayne, and Maron de Sade.

An hour or a day, in a cage or a cafe, once you feel my fire you’ll crave to be enslaved.

CLICK HERE and apply without delay to see Me

2017-04-27 14.12.54-3


Sissy Saline Inflation

The team of specialists have decided that it is time.

The shiver of steel sliding under you skin, the sting of the drip flowing into you, a slow but steady rise, the body blooms under my control. The maze of tubes, bags, and drips, the clinical precision I take when administering a true transformation, the antiseptic smell, it overwhelms your senses and you know that in this moment, bound to this chair, there is nothing you can do but accept the changes you have been deemed fit to undergo.

fullsizeoutput_289 (1).jpeg

You stay put, and I’ll take care of everything. Clothes help structure, cinch, and shape you into a pleasing form. Paint, powder and a wig change the contours of your face. High shoes help you sit elegantly. The bondage is necessary to stop you squirming, as movement hinders progress as it were.

The salt water stings a little as I massage it to form the ideal shape, a reminder that something remarkable is happening. You can’t escape it. Look down. Your breasts are filling out that bra you always kept in your drawer. There is a true sissy in the mirror.


I am trained to administer saline inflation to the chest and scrotum. Marks are minimal, and there is a tiny amount of fluid seepage after the procedure, which is generally caught by the small round bandage that covers the incision mark. All equipment is single use and sterile. After the procedure, reabsorption takes a couple of hours after the tourniquet is removed depending on your hydration level, and is body safe.

Sessions involving saline infusion must be booked at least 1 week in advance, with a small deposit for materials, and for returning patients only. Minimum length for a saline session is 2 hours. Ensure that you are well-rested, hydrated, and nourished before your saline inflation transformation.

This scene was realized with my sadistic sister, Ms Violet Mays.

Look Out, Ottawa

ottawa dates.jpg


I’ve got a suitcase full of whips, clamps, and bondage gear, and I know how to use it.

The first time I played in Ottawa I was staggered by just how gloriously and creatively kinky this town really is. I’m back for more.

As an added treat, the luxurious and depraved Jane Way will be joining me for afternoon fun 11am-2pm on the 11th and 12th.

You know what to do – book your time with me before I’m gone again.

I’m always Alpha.

What’s your favourite letter of my kinky alphabet?


A jolly good fisting


Curved anal hook

Dildo sucking

Edible panties

Finger licking

Golden enema

Hitachi buzzing

Involuntary drooling

Jizz cleanup

Kinky lunch date

Leech therapy



Medical-grade steel

Orifice flushing



Role play



Undergarment worship


Wool bondage

X-rated theatres

you and Me and Her

Zipped up bodybag


2016-10-23 11.59.11



See Me Now

Winter is the perfect time for reflection and to build on close relationships. It’s when we can be most creative and submerge into projects that need a lot of dreaming put into them. We also need to keep warm with lots of spanking, enemas, and figging.

This week, I’m most excited about wearing my leather boots while strapping subs down to the experiment table, snapping on the surgical gloves and getting right to the bottom of The Issue.

I’m always game for a round of Force the Sissy, where bountiful frills are locked in place with zips, buckles, and tight lacing. Because we can’t have you escaping, can we.

IV- Final 4943 crop.jpg

Thursday 2pm-7pm

Friday 10am-7pm

Saturday 10am-10pm

Book time with me this week. Email to set an appointment without delay.




A Big Day Out: Kidnapping and Torment

More and more people from near and far are coming to me for a full day and night or torture. You ask what we will do together, who else might be involved, where we will go, how you will feel, and when can you book the flight.

My dears, everyone is different. No one experiences exactly the same day of fearful fun with me in charge. But here’s a whiff of a sample of a Big Day Out with me.

You see me as you walk through the arrival gate at the city airport. I’m not holding any sign with your name on it, I’m simply standing there in a sleek dark suit, leather gloves and murderous stilettos, waiting for you. We lock eyes and you know to follow me.

Your session has begun.

My heels click down the polished arrival hall, your rumbling suitcase wheels fill the space between our heavy, expectant silence. I walk you past the pickup point, around the corner of the building. Grabbing you by the neck I wrench your head back to blindfold and gag you, and hurl you into the back of a vehicle. It’s going to be a bumpy ride in the dark.

You can only hear snatches of conversation and laughter between the driver and I above the music. Sharp sudden turns throw you against the walls of the vehicle – was this really such a good idea?

Finally the engine cuts. Strong hands pull you up and move you roughly out and through a door. Stairs heading down. Your senses are overloaded, wildly trying to make sense of your surroundings with the inability to see or speak. The hands release you and you stumble onto a cold floor.

Nothing. The distant drip of water. Darkness and silence.

Then, you hear me slowly descending the stairs, shoes punctuating every step. My body heat radiates against your face. My hands stroke your bruised body, gliding over your flesh and lighting up your nerves. I pin you down, my warm weight pressing you hard onto the chilly cement. Metal snakes around your wrists and clamps tight, chain pulling your arms taut. I crawl over you and shackle your ankles, stretching you out entirely. I roughly slice your clothes open so you are naked and vulnerable.

Just as you’ve gotten used to the feeling of being completely open, I land a sharp kick to your shin. Pain blossoms up and down your leg but you can’t move to protect yourself as I work you all over – kicking your ass, your thighs, and stomach with my cruel shoes. You are shuddering and wheezing, and you flinch when I bring your face into my hands, gently smoothing out the creases of tension. A sip of water through a straw. And then you are left alone.

You can’t measure how much time passes before your blindfold is ripped off and you are squinting in the harsh light of a single bulb. You’ve been bound up in a fiercely tight leather body harness, straps and locked buckles criss-crossing in a web to hold you fast. Through the light shining into your eyes you can make out the shape of me standing above you. My hand on your body, and as I press hard on your bruise a shower of sparks crackles your vision.

Hungry for more? Come play with me!